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Meltaot cassette


First and Second Rites (THE TAPEWORM TTW#08). First release from this Pestrepeller side project (Sav X and Sharon Gal). Limited edition cassette of only 250 copies, available now from the Touch Shop. “Although Black Metal, Drone and Doom would seem to be at the core of what Meltaot are involved with here, the real intention was to paint a series of atmospheric sound pictures (not all of them dark) using voice, bass guitar and other instrumentation/effects as their materials. This is the first release by Meltaot. There will be others.”

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The AntiQuack 1999



The AntiQuack Live at the ICA April 1999

Previously unreleased! First publication! Full performance of this historic piece of music-theatre now available for download. Conceived and staged by Savage Pencil, in conjunction with the release of The Antiquack Dead Duck Selection (EMI RECORDS 7243 4 96606 2 5). With special thanks to Gary Ramon for approving this download edition. Audience recording by Janson Harrison. Artwork by Sav X (from the original flyer), colours by Ed Pinsent 2009.

With the participation of:

  • Savage Pencil (voice and guitar, samples)
  • Gary Ramon (guitar)
  • Billy Chainsaw (introducktion)
  • Peter Hope-Evans (harmonica)
  • Rob Brown (voice and percussion)
  • Pat Naylor (saxophone)
  • Mystery Dick (Ed Pinsent and Harley Richardson)
  • Attack Wave Pestrepeller

Partial tracklisting:

1. Introducktion by Billy Chainsaw
2. Guitar solo by Sav X
3. Reading by Rob Brown
4. Improvisation by Attack Wave Pestrepeller
5. Guitar solo by Sav X
6. Reading by Rob Brown (Morrison)
7. Psychedelic Improvisation by Mystery Dick with Gary Ramon (guitar)
8. Guitar solo by Sav X
9. Reading by Rob Brown and Sav X (Crush)
10 Electronic organ solo by Ed (Slush)

Also included:

Saxophone performance by Pat Naylor, with Sav X (samples)
A reading from The S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

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Pestrepeller @ Pestival


Pest2009Pestrepeller will be playing at The QEH, South Bank London, on Friday 4th September 2009. This is part of the Pestival Event, the International Arts Insect Festival 2009. The show will be broadcast live by Resonance FM. 6.30pm start, and we will deliver one hour of noise. Since we’re playing in the QEH foyer, it’s also free admission.

22 August update: this event will now be taking place as a live radio broadcast. Watch this space for further announcements.

2 September update: the performance will be broadcast live on Friday 4th September 5.30 – 7pm, on Resonance FM.

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Room to Breathe


A collaborative art performance
led by Sharon Gal

4th July 2009
295 Burntwood Lane London SW17


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